• Moisture Issue

    • DTF Transfers will collect moisture the moment it is finished printing and cured
    • After the first press and peel, if there are moisture issue, wipe the transfer with a wet paper towel or baby wipe and press again with the clear film in the same direction and location. BE CAREFUL NOT TO WIPE TOO HARD ON THE DTF TRANSFER. IT WILL COME OFF
    • Put the clear film back on the same direction and orientation. Press again for the same temperature and pressure.
    • It may take several tries to remove the moisture from the DTF print.
  • Storing Transfers

    • Store in a place that is dry, at room temp, inside, with relative humidity around 35%
    • Extreme hot or cold will ruin the transfers
    • If the transfers are stored in a box, dd in a couple of silica packages to help keep the transfers dry.